1. MATTIA_type_r_wrx

    Differences between JDM and european gc8

    Hello guys. I just swapped my fuel pump and i found out that it was very very rusty. you can see it in the video attached. so i wanted to swap the whole fuel tank with an used one that came from an european gc8. Is there any differnece from mine that is a type-R v-limited? Specifically i have...
  2. MATTIA_type_r_wrx

    Coilovers differences

    Hello goodevening. I'm planning to swap my coilovers on my GC8 type-R wrx. yes, the only NON sti model of the type R. I find very interesting some TEIN flex Z coilovers and i was wondering: Are there any differences between the attachment of the suspension in the GC8 WRX and in the GC8 WRX STI...
  3. TheWelshMcrae

    Dash Cluster…which one is the RPM signal wire?

    Hi all, I have a shift light to install in my car. Looking for what wire on my cluster is the signal wire for the RPM/Rev counter gauge? Some pics below of my cluster. Car is a 1996 WRX import Any diagrams online I’ve found the wiring colour doesn’t match up.
  4. N

    Three Questions

    While waiting on some parts to arrive I have been finding side missions to do and came to these three issues: SOLVED BY NYPD. Ther is a bracket I need PN 44021AA014 1. When you cut the turbo shroud to fit the larger exhaust pipe where do most cut it? I want it to mount up but not ruin this...
  5. N

    Trim and Bumper Part Numbers

    So I'm exploring the car more and noticed what needs to be restored or what was barely attached to the car. All the plastic molding, door handles, and front, and back bumpers need attention or replacement. I have tracked down a lot of bits but I'm struggling to find the PN# on all the body trim...
  6. N


    Long story short. TL:DR I changed the springs on suspension on my GC8 RA V2 and it won't start. I found 2 plugs were dead and I replace them with new conversion kit coils, wires and spark plugs. I turned the keys and the same shit. I have power all the way up to the coils but no spark happening...
  7. N

    Torque rating for new springs

    Hello all, Today I'm going to be changing out my springs for some slight lowering springs as the current ones were cut by the last owner making the ride trash. I can't seem to find the Torque ratings for any bolt involved where could I find that?
  8. M

    Clutch install

    Hey guys. New scooby owner here. I havent done much work on cars in the past at all but im determined to not take my car to a garage and start learning how to work on it myself. the clutch has started slipping quite badly recently, its Drive-able but slips when you put your foot down running...
  9. SJR8

    Sixth injector....... v2 Help!!!

    Hi, I inherited a v1/2 I fake manifold with what appears to be an added 6th injector port..... I believe it’s off a 93 JDM car. my RA runs an WRX/STi 4 injector Manifold that was fitted as a replacement; When an earlier owner had a cracked manifold and couldn’t find an immediate replacement...
  10. Deion GC8

    Brake Upgrade and Replacement

    I’m looking to replace the pads and discs all round on my 99 WRX Type RA. What pads and disc upgrades have people gone for? Looking for a fast road option. I’ve checked the chassis code and it says I should have 2 pot fronts and single pot rears but I think I’ve got 4 pot fronts and 2 pot rears...
  11. J

    33 Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) or circuit (GC8)

    Greetings from cold Finland ! Theres gonna be subie weathers soon and my loongtime project having this irritating problem Car runs perfect in normal driving, can be speed up and go to boost few times. then aprx after 15min it goes to limp and CEL goes on and giving code33 Car; gc8 Impreza wrx...
  12. Frizzle-Dee

    And then it was dead...

    Morning everyone, Desperately in need of some advice here. (and apologies if this has already been addressed, if so please direct me to the page) My Spec C RA has decided it doesn't want to start today. I have a stupid Clifford Concept 450 alarm fitted which has been playing around for a...
  13. TomsV

    Weird issue with type-r DCCD (maybe)

    Hey, yesterday did some donuts and drifting on wet tarmac and sadly got a new problem. I will inspect it closer only next week, but maybe someone can help me or knows the cause. So driving straight road with DCCD free - all fine, first orange - still fine, but when I put the last orange before...