gold wheel paint code

  1. JulioTypeR

    Original gold color of the wheels?

    In searching with my car painter we found codes for the rims. I believe that obviously the GEG2B would be the code for the original WRX gold rims. Would it be good for TypeR and TypeRA? Have you ever tried this hue? Do you have pictures ? Thank you.
  2. Rescue Dude

    Classic wheel colour code?

    Probably searching for the Holy Grail here but I now have my oe gold rims stacked neatly. I gave one a good wash to check it over and to be fair it's not looking to bad considering it's age. I can't afford to get them resprayed so I was thinking about getting one of them there touch up stick...
  3. scoobro

    gold wheel paint code

    Hi What is paint code/colour on original gold wheels fitted to 1999 V5 type ra ?:confused: