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    Model-GDBB4JH. Engine- EJ207DW4ER Gearbox-TY856WB1AA

    Hi all. Im trying to identify my Impreza. I was told the engine is the same used in Spec C cars. Its a May/2002 car. Model-GDBB4JH. Engine- EJ207DW4ER Gearbox-TY856WB1AA. Any help would be great.
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    My02 sti limited

    Hi all, have recently bought my self a tidy well looked after my02 sti limited, model: gdbb4jh. From my research I have been able to find hardly any info on this limited version, all im awear of is that the engine model is the same as a s202, and it has a unique front bumper and spoiler. If any...