1. Koruseru

    Greetings from Brazil

    Hey folks, My name is Joao, i'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil. After raising money to buy my first car for years, the time has finally come. I always had a dream of having an Impreza STI, specially the V5 (with the famous blue-gold paint scheme). After studying more about subbies, fell in love with...
  2. RHD stands for Really Hasty Daddy

    RHD stands for Really Hasty Daddy

    I'm actually still not used to taking corners quickly cause I'm on the wrong side, help pls ‍
  3. The rear, the whole rear, and nothing but the rear, so help me God

    The rear, the whole rear, and nothing but the rear, so help me God

    An ass that makes you want to move countries
  4. A Blaze in the Western Sky

    A Blaze in the Western Sky

    Wagon's first sunset photo, they grow up so fast. Not really I actually waited a decade and a half for this moment and every second of it felt like a dream
  5. P

    Hi from Staffordshire

    Hi, I've just signed up as I'm looking to sell my 1997 Impreza STI GC8 v4 but have no idea on current values as trying to find others for sale that are similar and cannot find any that are comparable. I've owned it since 2009 and it was imported in 2007. It's a 5 door, metallic black with red...
  6. nickolasjenkins

    GC8 front seat rails

    Hi all, Picked up some spare early GC8 front seats (V-Limited) that need seat rails; Hard to find - I have heard that later models WRX are the same/fit fine? Can anyone help identify solutions? Thanks!
  7. MATTIA_type_r_wrx

    Some sticker from japan

    Hello guys goodmorning. I was wondering if some of you know the meaning of the stickers that i have in my front and rear windshield that are from japan. I attached some pictures.
  8. N

    Spoiler fitment - is this normal?

    Hi all, First post, and looking for some expert advice. I'm wondering if, not for the first time, I've bought something not quite right something due to my lack of knowledge. My STI v3 has an aftermarket V5 spoiler on it and I want to go back to the original type mid-level spoiler. Bought one...
  9. N

    12L IC Bottle in GC8

    So I just got a 12L IC sprayer bottle for a screaming deal but is for a GD and I have a GC8 RA is there anything I need to know about mounting it up? I’ve seen it done but never a guide is a close up of the mounting
  10. Ric McLaughlin

    Silver Project front camber plates for GC8

    I bought these Silver Project front camber plates a while back and no longer need them. They have never been fitted to a car or test fitted so the condition is new. They're made by a company who specialise in drift and track fitments and seem to be extremely high quality. They allow an...
  11. Z

    Confusion on my own model

    So I own what I think is a 98 STI Type-R, but a few things are confusing about it. Used the VIN decoder for my model number, figured out since it was white from factory its not the V-Limited, but the trim code is the same as the V-Limited and the kicker is that my option code isn't listed for...
  12. drph

    Greetings from the Mountains of British Columbia, Canada

    Hello everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. After about 25 years of dreams and foiled attempts, I've finally managed to acquire a MY95 Impreza WRX Type RA STi Version. As with many others, the exploits of the SWRT in their 555 livery during the mid 90's captured my imagination as I...
  13. N

    What GC8 bolt in cage do you run in your sedan?

    I've been wanting to source a bolt-in cage. What GC8 bolt-in cage are you do you run in your sedan? I would love to see your setups to figure out what bolt-in cage I want.
  14. Pards

    New member with type RA

    Hi all, So I had a lockdown moment and bought a race car off eBay! Thought I got a great deal, but seems like more of good deal with repair costs! What’s the going rate for head gasket replacement on 95 Impreza type ra? The timing belt had to be done as it was sitting for so long, but because...
  15. EMorrison97

    MY94 JDM WRX "Group A Roadcar" Build/Restoration

    Hello Guys, Welcome to my new thread following my build/restoration project of my 1994 JDM WRX. Originally bought the car during the first lock-down in Ireland. Upon getting it home the clean up and tidying began. I fell in love with this specific car and after driving it over the summer decided...
  16. N

    GC8 Trunk Lock

    So this is my first post beyond the welcome so hello all! So my V2RA is on its way but is missing the trunk lock. Does anyone know the part number and if any lock will do from newer years?
  17. Evolvedgsr

    OEM GC8 sti goodies

    Hi guys have a few really nice bits for for grabs for someone doing a resto or putting things back to standard. Postage is available on all items at buyers cost Or pickup West Lancashire can be arranged. Item 1: STI KNOB ### SOLD ### Subaru GC8/GF8 STI red stitch gear knob in excellent...
  18. Ric McLaughlin

    Rear wheel stud removal?

    I've a damaged rear wheel stud which has spiralled into an excuse to replace/upgrade all my wheel studs (Lockdown 2!). Fronts were done when I was putting my new brakes on relatively painlessly... but then I realised I of course I had the handbrake assembly to contest with for the rears. Is...
  19. Ric McLaughlin

    DCCD clocks help

    Good evening. I'm currently hovering over going down the V1-3 DCCD speedo clocks route in my car having already sourced an older dash. I was going to go down the Group A carbon fibre + Stack combo but I think in reality the allure of simply getting it done and in there for a couple of hundred...
  20. gf8wrx

    Authentic or replica STI catalog 'sport' bumper

    Took off my front bumper on my V4 Type R for 'repairs' due to the previous owner. I was wondering if this bumper is worth fixing. Is it an authentic or replica? If it's replica i will probably try and buy a factory v4/v5 front bumper. The car also came with STI catalog TE07s, STI catalog rear...