1. Ric McLaughlin

    DCCD clocks help

    Good evening. I'm currently hovering over going down the V1-3 DCCD speedo clocks route in my car having already sourced an older dash. I was going to go down the Group A carbon fibre + Stack combo but I think in reality the allure of simply getting it done and in there for a couple of hundred...
  2. gf8wrx

    Authentic or replica STI catalog 'sport' bumper

    Took off my front bumper on my V4 Type R for 'repairs' due to the previous owner. I was wondering if this bumper is worth fixing. Is it an authentic or replica? If it's replica i will probably try and buy a factory v4/v5 front bumper. The car also came with STI catalog TE07s, STI catalog rear...
  3. N

    1995 GC8 - wheel offset?

    Hi all, Have a factory stock '95 Impreza STi RA - just looking to change it up a little and explore some aftermarket alloy wheels; Wondering what is the most common/best/standard offset for 17" wheels? (or 18's, but they seem a little too large) Seems to be around +48-ish offset from what I...
  4. Ric McLaughlin

    GruppeM ram air system

    This is just one out of general interest - has anyone heard of these guys before? A friend of mine who is into Porsche/rinsing money mentioned them to me and they make a GC8 kit (which is spendy but looks quite neat) but I've never heard of them. Anyone any experience with one of these...
  5. N

    Wanted Subaru Type R 97-99 2 Door Wide Body Car / Project

    Wanted Subaru Type R 2 Door Wide Body Car / Project Must Have WRC / 22b Wide Body Road Going or Part Built Project Let Me Know What You Have Cash Waiting For Right Car
  6. wrxdoug

    1998 WRX STi Type R

    Car now away :thumb
  7. Ric McLaughlin

    WANTED: WRC mirrors

    Hi all, if anyone knows of anyone selling a set of the WRC 'bat ear' carbon fibre mirrors please send them my way. I have a set of the S201 teardrop mirrors but am after the full carbon set. There is a set of 'safari' style ones with lights in them on eBay for £4k just now but that feels like a...
  8. Itamar_M

    Hello from Israel

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and already enjoying all the content. I have all sorts of plans for the GC so will definitely start a build/project thread once I start. It is a MY00 GT (I believe that is the equivalent to your UK Turbo model) that currently has: Built 2.1 CDB Ported heads with...
  9. J

    33 Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) or circuit (GC8)

    Greetings from cold Finland ! Theres gonna be subie weathers soon and my loongtime project having this irritating problem Car runs perfect in normal driving, can be speed up and go to boost few times. then aprx after 15min it goes to limp and CEL goes on and giving code33 Car; gc8 Impreza wrx...
  10. Ric McLaughlin

    GC8 front LH wheel arch liner

    This is a bit of a punt but if anyone has one of these knocking about that they don't need could they drop me a DM please? It's the LH upper I'm after but would take upper and lower if you wanted to part with them as a set. Predictably, there are millions of RH ones online but all the LH ones...
  11. A

    GC8 R180 Rear Axles?

    Here's the setup. 1994 USDM GC that was being built as a RA replica. The owner before me did not want to have the weaker 5 speed, so he put in a USDM 2005 STi 6 speed with corresponding 3.90 R180 rear diff. Rear subframe, control arms and knuckles are all GC. I'm assuming R180 hubs swapped in...
  12. tekkerchrede

    Devaluation of parts prices or?

    As just posted on the forum's Facebook site by another member, it appears that RCM, Prodrive and Alcon releases a replica or new batch of the Alcon Prodrive four pot caliper. Price is not known yet, but I started wondering what this will (or has the possibility to) do to the prices for the...
  13. Subaroo_al

    Wanted: Subaru Type R

    Hi everyone, long time stalker, new member here. Looking for a Type R in decent condition (preferably no rust, minimal abuse) with less than 150,000kms. Fewer mods is probably a good thing, doesn't need to be a limited model, though it'd be awesome if it was. V5/V6 is also preferable, but I...
  14. tekkerchrede

    Inner rear arch wanted (L+R side)

    Hello, I am looking for the below part. OpposedForces.com lists it as 51510FA592 (right) and 51510FA600 (left), but it is not available from Subaru anymore (both at local dealer and according to him, also in Japan). Does anybody know of any potential old stock or is it a matter of repairing...
  15. Ric McLaughlin

    Impreza Type R V5 Limited

    My attempt at a track-honed, perfect-ish GC8 accomplished via limited funds and even less mechanical knowledge. Here it is then, the build thread I promised myself I'd start the day after I got the car home, five months ago... My car is a 1999 Type R V5 Limited and it's the result of two and...
  16. Ric McLaughlin

    Fitting a decat downpipe help, please

    Hi guys, Seeing as how 'tis the season to spend time with loved ones and family, I had hoped that I could spend this weekend fitting my new decat downpipe to my '99 Type R. However, I can't seem to get any of the bolts connecting the existing cat downpipe to the back of the turbo loose. Has...
  17. jps.

    I/C Water Spray blue cap - WANTED

    Hi Guys, As per title, I am looking for a good used, or new, blue plastic cap for the Intercooler water spray on my 1998 GC8 Impreza. The internal location diameter is approx 35mm. Photo of complete unit shown below. thanks jps :thumb
  18. jps.

    Spare parts & part numbers

    Hi guys, Where are the best places to buy Subaru parts and where can I locate part numbers? Coming from the GTR, I have links to workshop manuals and part numbers etc plus a list of part suppliers here in the Uk & Japan - Does the same exist for the mighty Scooby? Where can I find these? I...
  19. GC8MY00

    New member from NL

    Hi all Subaru fans! I am Mike from The Netherlands, and a proud owner (5 months already) of a Subaru Impreza GT Turbo from 2000. And as always, fighting the never ending rust battle.. Here is the rust: And the end result: Still need some love on the bottom, but that will be done this...
  20. tekkerchrede

    Impreza WRX Type RA STi Version V Limited project for sale

    As I have no space to store my restoration project for the future, nor got the time to finish it at the moment, I am offering it up for sale with sad feelings. The car was bought in 2014 with the intention of keeping it, so besides rust to the rear towers, it was in really good shape. Mileage...