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    12L IC Bottle in GC8

    So I just got a 12L IC sprayer bottle for a screaming deal but is for a GD and I have a GC8 RA is there anything I need to know about mounting it up? I’ve seen it done but never a guide is a close up of the mounting
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    Really cool dash guages mod

    Hey Yall, I wanted to share something I found on the Facebook marketplace that I hadn't seen before. This awesome custom AC vent deletes for v1-3. How neat I really want one. If you spec'd an RA or similar model without AC does it still come with something like this or blanked out bits? Can you...
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    Nardi Wheel Removal

    I'm replacing my V2 Nardi wheel with a 90's momo wheel so I can fit better in the car. I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the Nardi wheel because I couldn't easily see how.
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    Torque rating for new springs

    Hello all, Today I'm going to be changing out my springs for some slight lowering springs as the current ones were cut by the last owner making the ride trash. I can't seem to find the Torque ratings for any bolt involved where could I find that?
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    Clutch install

    Hey guys. New scooby owner here. I havent done much work on cars in the past at all but im determined to not take my car to a garage and start learning how to work on it myself. the clutch has started slipping quite badly recently, its Drive-able but slips when you put your foot down running...