1. nickolasjenkins

    Prodrive 555 Team Jacket - L/XL

    Prodrive 555 Team jacket Size L/XL (see tag) Great condition, hardly worn - no rips or marks Located NZ but can send anywhere £250.00
  2. nickolasjenkins

    Prodrive 555 jacket value?

    Hi all, Genuine question here - what is a Prodrive 555 jacket worth? Really lovely condition, no rips/holes/marks Size L/XL (depending on market) Thanks!
  3. Ric McLaughlin

    Catalunya 1995

    Apologies if this may have been posted already. A mate sent me it last night and I really enjoyed it. Hard to beat Tarmac trim!
  4. Ric McLaughlin

    Girardo & Co Archive

    Just lost nearly an hour to this... Girardo & Co Archive They've bought an Italian photo archive and you can download low res (£25) and high res (£40) images. Not cheap but there's definitely a couple that I'd say will end up on my office wall! Some great stuff including more obscure...
  5. Deion GC8

    Brake Upgrade and Replacement

    I’m looking to replace the pads and discs all round on my 99 WRX Type RA. What pads and disc upgrades have people gone for? Looking for a fast road option. I’ve checked the chassis code and it says I should have 2 pot fronts and single pot rears but I think I’ve got 4 pot fronts and 2 pot rears...
  6. type-ra

    Corgi STi V2 555 model

    Around 6 months ago I was contacted by Corgi models who were looking at making a 1:43 model of the STi V2 555 and were looking for info on the car and also an owner who would be able to help with the model. I contacted @D6ale and we started the ball rolling. Six months or so later the model is...
  7. L555BAE

    Hello from Scotland! V2 555

    Hello, I’ve just recently bought a V2 Type RA 555. I was wondering if there was any way to find out what build number it is since the badge has been removed as it’s now a motorsport car? Mac
  8. GPA555

    1996 WRX STI V2 "555"

    Guys can you tell me if the above has the same gearing and 112mph top speed as the Type Ra V2? I can see from the brochures that the Type Ra has DCCD and a different rear diff.
  9. GPA555

    Proud owner of Scoobyparts4u 555

    Deal done on Scoobyparts4u 555 can't wait to collect Having flown over from Ireland last week to view it, the car is a credit to those who worked to restore it. It's not OE factory restored but has been done so in order to extend the car's lifetime and looks awesome. When it arrives home it...
  10. BananaChips

    Want that proper gravel look?

    If I still had the 555 I'd wouldn't be telling you guys about these. Look rough but don't see them often. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/permalink/1671396943157883/?rt=11 (I have no affiliation with this sale whatsoever, but would rather see them on a suitable Subaru)
  11. Winchester

    Another 555 ....

    I bid on this one last night but prices continue to be very strong for interesting cars. Unsold for 520,000 JPY, offers from 550,000 JPY auction price, it was a grade 3!
  12. type-ra

    Group A event @ Prodrive in November

    2016 marks 20 years since the end of the iconic Group A era. To celebrate this milestone and the effect on us all as Impreza owners and enthusiasts, Ade @ASJ came up with the idea of a Group A celebration event at the home of Subaru Group A cars, Prodrive. The event takes place at Prodrive's...