1. Chris__p

    Quick Rack v3 sti type ra

    It was just a quick question, should they come with one? If it is then what's lock to lock to check? Cheers Chris
  2. V

    quick rack for gc8

    Hi, As the title states, looking for a quick rack (13:1 ratio) for a classic. Cheers.
  3. Codders

    MY99 Type-R - the ongoing project

    Hey Lads After 6 years of Subaru (painful at times) ownership, and my 4 years of lurking around here, I thought it was about time to end procrastinating and start my own thread... Owning a 2 door classic Impreza has always been my dream since I was a teenage boy actively involved in rallying...
  4. Tony Harrington

    Quick steering rack

    Anyone possess a spare quick steering rack in very good condition, I'm looking to upgrade mine - V4 Type R?