1. type-ra


    https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/j1054758670 £1774.62 plus shipping & duty:eek:
  2. soha

    22B 211 / 400 18k km 4.5 - USS Tokyo

    LINK 22B 211 / 400 18k km 4.5

    350mm Momo Monte Carlo - Blue Stitch Blue Horn Button 1 of 100 *Rare*

    Contact: Joel 909 728 5033 Location: So. CAL (92337/91766) * I am open to trade for a V5/V6 STI Instrument Cluster DCCD or V3 22B Steering wheel. Launched in 2012, the same year as the spoon Gen 2 wheel. It features a signature blue stitching and blue horn button; 350mm diameter. There are...
  4. L555BAE

    *FOR SALE* Prodrive Suspension

    22B / Prodrive WRSport Suspension Used ;) Rear RH 20360FA980 & 2898VE34364M3 LH 20360FA990 & 2898VE34363M3 These are 22B part numbers. Front Can not identify the part numbers. Springs are also blue rather than the greys. I bought these for my 22B project to have refurbished but was...
  5. N

    Wanted Subaru Type R 97-99 2 Door Wide Body Car / Project

    Wanted Subaru Type R 2 Door Wide Body Car / Project Must Have WRC / 22b Wide Body Road Going or Part Built Project Let Me Know What You Have Cash Waiting For Right Car
  6. L555BAE


    A couple of parts I am having difficulty sourcing for reasonable prices. I have tried various places, but if anyone has, or knows someone that has then please get in touch. 22B Rear Boot Badge 22B Titanium Wing Badges Interior wing mirror trim piece (2 Door) Centre Console (Media unit) Cubby...
  7. NYPD

    Boxerfest 2019

    Just came back from Boxerfest 2019 here in York, Pennsylvania USA. Overall a solid event with a lot of Subarus. Some of the more notable Subarus that were here was a 22b, S209, and the 2011 Isle of Man STi driven by Mark Higgins. Here are the rest of the photos I took. There were a...
  8. C

    Genuine car mats and stereo 1998

    Hi, Restoring a 1998 22B, after the period correct radio and car mats, have to be in excellent condition. Thanks, Paul
  9. type-ra

    RA-R vs 22b

    This is a translation from a Japanese website I found today. A great read, even with iffy translation. Enjoy! WRX STI type RA-R, lightweight & high power complete car released on July 19, 2018 by Subaru's subsidiary "STI", which manufactures and sells complete cars and parts including motor...
  10. Beakster

    22B with 15,000k

    Has anyone won the lottery recently? Some panels replaced but I’d still give it garage room.
  11. type-ra

    OK, so who bought it?

    Auctioned today:
  12. type-ra

    22b prices

    Browsing through some old pics tonight & I came across these I took in October 2008 whilst viewing a car for a member on here:
  13. Brave Auto Int - Japan

    22B up for auction.

    Up for auction (26th-Aug-2016) at USS Nagoya. Not a very clean one but it will be interesting to see what it makes. http://auctions.braveautointernational.jp/auctions/?p=project/lot&id=247688646&s
  14. E11BYS

    MY00 STI RA S201 & 22B

  15. ASJ

    22B for magazine article?

    Do we have anyone with a 22B tucked away.....who might fancy having it featured in a magazine? The mag would cover fuel and feed/water you during the day. Let me know......... Rgds, Ade
  16. Steve777

    22B for sale at SVA Imports

    Now I might have this completely wrong, but the 22B for sale at SVA imports here http://www.svaimports.com/cars/stock/impreza-22b-2/ Number 274 I did a search of the auction sites and the only 22B that came up as sold recently was in October 2015, numbered 275 Grade R/C Here are the pictures...
  17. type-ra

    22b on Yahoo auctions

    http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k200885738 Only 10,600kms but just short of £35,000:eek:
  18. Winchester

    22B coming up... Kidney for sale... scalpel please