22b auction

  1. Beakster

    22B with 15,000k

    Has anyone won the lottery recently? Some panels replaced but I’d still give it garage room.
  2. sc86

    Couple of 22b up for auction

    http://auctions.jdmauctionwatch.com/aj-jte7aoFJeHn584n.htm http://auctions.jdmauctionwatch.com/aj-lw7TOVwDnZ08N4F.htm easy bought no doubt
  3. Brave Auto Int - Japan

    22B up for auction.

    Up for auction (26th-Aug-2016) at USS Nagoya. Not a very clean one but it will be interesting to see what it makes. http://auctions.braveautointernational.jp/auctions/?p=project/lot&id=247688646&s
  4. Steve777

    22B for sale at SVA Imports

    Now I might have this completely wrong, but the 22B for sale at SVA imports here http://www.svaimports.com/cars/stock/impreza-22b-2/ Number 274 I did a search of the auction sites and the only 22B that came up as sold recently was in October 2015, numbered 275 Grade R/C Here are the pictures...
  5. type-ra

    22b on Yahoo auctions

    http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k200885738 Only 10,600kms but just short of £35,000:eek:
  6. Winchester

    22B coming up... Kidney for sale... scalpel please