22b auction

  1. type-ra

    22b news from The Motherland

    https://kuruma-news.jp/post/542467 Over 36 million, seven times the new car price! Domestic sports car prices soaring!? In August 2022, the 1998 Subaru "Impreza 22B-STi version" was auctioned at Collecting Cars and was sold at £222,500 (approximately 36.14...
  2. type-ra


    https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/j1054758670 £1774.62 plus shipping & duty:eek:
  3. soha

    22B 131 / 400 104k km R USS Tokyo

    LINK 22B 131 / 400 104k km R
  4. Beakster

    22B with 15,000k

    Has anyone won the lottery recently? Some panels replaced but I’d still give it garage room.
  5. sc86

    Couple of 22b up for auction

    http://auctions.jdmauctionwatch.com/aj-jte7aoFJeHn584n.htm http://auctions.jdmauctionwatch.com/aj-lw7TOVwDnZ08N4F.htm easy bought no doubt
  6. Brave Auto Int - Japan

    22B up for auction.

    Up for auction (26th-Aug-2016) at USS Nagoya. Not a very clean one but it will be interesting to see what it makes. http://auctions.braveautointernational.jp/auctions/?p=project/lot&id=247688646&s
  7. Steve777

    22B for sale at SVA Imports

    Now I might have this completely wrong, but the 22B for sale at SVA imports here http://www.svaimports.com/cars/stock/impreza-22b-2/ Number 274 I did a search of the auction sites and the only 22B that came up as sold recently was in October 2015, numbered 275 Grade R/C Here are the pictures...
  8. type-ra

    22b on Yahoo auctions

    http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k200885738 Only 10,600kms but just short of £35,000:eek:
  9. Winchester

    22B coming up... Kidney for sale... scalpel please