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Worldwide Registry of JDM Imprezas.

If you own a JDM Impreza please fill in the form below to add your car to the JDM Impreza Registry.

If you know any historical details for your car, eg previous owners or previous registration numbers, then that would be good too.

If you are not happy to provide any piece of this data, then just leave it blank. I would be interested in the reason why though to may be help improve things.

As stated before –

All data provided will be kept secure and will solely be used for maintaining this registry.

Data will not be provided to any 3rd parties.

Some hi-level statistics may be published on the numbers of various models we have registered, may be grouped by region or colour or year/version, but nothing on a specific car or it’s owner.

Your Name (required)

Forum username (if applicable)

Your Email (required)

Model code (required)

VIN number (required)

Option code

Colour code

Vehicle registration

Japanese 1st Registration Date

Import Registration Date

Purchase Date

Limited/V-limited number


Image upload. Ideally front 3/4 view

Modifications (if any)

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