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As a website dedicated to JDM vehicles we are well aware that many imported vehicles may come from Japan with a hidden history.

Imagine sourcing your Japanese import car, waiting patiently for your low mileage car to arrive only to find that it has done thousands more KMs that you thought, or to find evidence of major structural damage! Well now you don’t have that worry! has partnered with CarVX so that all JDM enthusiasts may find the history – good or bad – of the JDM vehicle they are thinking of buying.

CAR VX - Japan’s First Vehicle History Reports Service

The CarVX database contains the information on more than 130,000,000 Japanese vehicles.

The CarVX vehicle history report checks for:

• JDM import vehicle title problems
• JDM import vehicle registration
• JDM import Accidents / Repairs
• Flood damage
• Mileage changes/corrections
• Airbag deployment
• Recalls
• Safety rating
• And much more…

The CarVX vehicle history report provides:

  • Detailed technical data
  • Average market price
  • Manufactured date

Often, depending on auction date, a CarVX report will include images of the car at auction in Japan & will include the Japanese auction sheet which is invaluable for checking the vehicle’s condition.

Don’t be caught out get your Japanese import’s history now!

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