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Subaru S202 STi Version

Impreza S202 STi Version Specs

Model Variant Model Year Dates of Manufacture Applied Model Code Limited Edition? Number Produced Price new (JPY)
Details S202 STi Version MY02 June 2002 GDBB4FH Yes 400 3,600,000


Engine Engine Code Transmission Code Engine Structure Power Output Turbo
Specifications EJ207DW4ER TY856WB2GA Semi Closed 320ps / 283 ft/lb torque IHI VF34

Body Length Width Height Weight Colours
Specifications 4405mm 1730mm 1425mm 1330Kg WR Blue Mica: 02C, Pure White: 51E, Astral Yellow: 13V, Midnight Black Mica: 08V
Body Aerial Position Mirrors Side Skirts Windows Door Handles
Features Driver A pillar Manual / Black No Power Coded
Body Front Foglights Roof Vent I/C Water Spray Rear Wash/Wipe Fuel Tank
Details No Yes Yes – 12l No 50 Litres
Wheels/Brakes Wheel/Tyre size Front Disc Size Front Calipers Rear Disc Size Rear Calipers ABS
Specifications 17″ RAYS Engineering
225/45/17 Pirelli P Zero
326mm 4 piston opposing Brembo 316mm 2 piston opposing Brembo Yes
Diffs/Steering Front Diff Centre Diff Rear Diff Steering Rack DCCD
Specifications Suretrac Viscous Mechanical R180 13:1 No
Gearing Ratios Final Drive Red Line Brochure
Specifications 1st: 3.636
2nd: 2.375
3rd: 1.761
4th: 1.346
5th: 1.062
6th: 0.842
3.900 8000 RPM
Impreza S202 Brochure

MY02 Impreza S202 STi Version Images

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