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Welcome to the shop

We hope you enjoy looking around our rare, forgotten or never seen Subaru Impreza related products.

These have been collected over many years by our enthusiastic team with a shared Subaru obsession spanning decades.

All products meet our very high quality and condition requirements ensuring buyers are shopping from the best of our collections.

All the products listed for sale are privately acquired and offered for private sale. You will notice ‘Vendors’ are shown, which indicates who in our team is selling a particular product.

All vendors are trusted long term members giving buyers the confidence you’d expect from

All listings have the facility to request further information on price or postage cost. Or you may wish to request additional pictures.

We offer genuine Subaru and aftermarket parts, and although the catalogue is growing, the shop is not exhaustive and we advise contacting us for any specific parts you are looking for.

All sales are final and subject to UK law where applicable. is not a trading entity. All sales are private and therefore UK VAT free. International charges /taxes are solely the responsibility of the buyer.

Items may be shipped from worldwide locations, as such we cannot provide shipping prices on all items.

Please add any items you are interested in to your “quote box” and the vendor will reply promptly with a shipping quote.

We will ship worldwide.

Due to their rarity & high value, all items will only be shipped fully insured.

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