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November 1992 was a memorable month for Subaru fans.


Why? This was the month that the Subaru Impreza was unleashed to the public in it’s home country of Japan.

The small 4 door sedan was originally available in both two and four wheel drive variants with both naturally aspirated and turbocharged powerplants. Naturally, the turbocharged version is of most interest to us.

Five things you should know about the MY93 Impreza WRX Type RA

  1. The first Impreza WRX ever produced was a white WRX Type RA with a unique option code
  2. The WRX Type RA utilises an intercooler waterspray system whereas the WRX does not
  3. There were more Vivenne Red WRX Type RAs produced than Feather White ones for the MY93 model year
  4. The first WRXs were built in May 1992 but not released until the launch in November 1992
  5. Close ratio transmission: For the WRX type RA and its anticipated race use, the gap between each gear is brought closer together and a specific close ration transmission is used.


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