Whiteline Subaru Sprint Series

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    Looking great a Keith. Good job. Hope to see you at an event soon.
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    My write up on FB

    So to round 3 of the Japanese Sprint Series incorporating the Whiteline Subaru Sprint Series at Blyton Park on the 10th June.

    We unfortunately missed round 2 so that’s our dropped round for the season but In the mean time we ironed out a few minor things on the car and Jase at Area 52 Autosport mapped the car with 5 different boost settings so we had 420bhp at the lowest and 547bhp max to play with.

    Unfortunately the day didn’t start well on the first practice run I set off the trackside noise dB meter due to the fact that the cars external wastegate isn’t silenced so this was going to massively hinder the timed runs. To get under the noise limit I could not launch car, so it was 1st and 2nd gear off boost then plant throttle in 3rd once past the dB meter.

    Ran all the timed runs at low boost and was off the pace of the leading cars which was to be expected with my start strategy astatic.xx.fbcdn.net_images_emoji.php_v9_ff0_2_16_1f603.png on the final run I clicked it up a couple of notches to see if I could get near second place in the class. Wasn’t to be but ended the day with 3rd in class and 5th overall so not a total disaster.

    4 more rounds to go and we are still in there near the top of the championship.

    Thanks to our great sponsors

    Area 52 Autosport
    REIS Motorsport Insurance
    SD Motorsport
    Stella Motorsport
    AS Performance
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