Tein super street coilovers GC8

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  1. boustie.sti

    boustie.sti Type RA Member

    For sale, set of Tein super street coilovers
    Purchased as part of my project car but decided to go standard suspension instead

    I have never driven on these so CANNOT guarantee them but they look in good condition with no leaks and the threads are all fine without any damage

    I paid 350 from scooby spares in Fleetwood in January for these

    £250 DELIVERED

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  2. sc86

    sc86 V-Limited Member

    il take them please
    send me your paypal
  3. boustie.sti

    boustie.sti Type RA Member

  4. boustie.sti

    boustie.sti Type RA Member

    These are still for sale if anyone is interested
  5. Burt2000

    Burt2000 V-Limited Member

    I just bought new tein springs last week before these came up for sale :(

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