Spring meet in Washington, USA

Discussion in 'Worldwide Impreza owners' started by Horhay, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Horhay

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    Newcastle, WA
    Couple of weeks ago the first big car event of the year happened here in the Seattle area. The silver car is my MY93 WRX which I imported in December (first 25 year old WRX registered in Washington to my knowledge), the blue wide body is a converted 2.5RS coupe with EJ207, RHD, l'Aunsport wide arch kit, and S6/P2000 style rear wing, and the white wagon is an EJ20k swapped 1998 USDM Impreza, and finally the dark blue sedan is a 2.5RS sedan with a USDM STi full swap (EJ257, 6 speed, brembos, interior, the whole thing pretty much). To my knowledge there were no other classic Imprezas there, though there were a TON of other Subarus, none of them parked near us. Hope you enjoy!
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  2. Eric Grzybowski

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    Looks great! Wish I lived on that coast instead! So many nice subies!

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