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  1. Burnsie

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    In memory of our friend Ade Jones, we have decided to get together and re-launch this new forum page and continue the love for these iconic cars. Its what he would have wanted – Right?

    What better way to kick off this new section by a post to mark the 25th anniversary of the production Subaru Impreza WRX Type RA. Of course this newly designed car led to development of the Prodrive Impreza 555 Group A Rally Car, which was to take over from the already successful Prodrive Legacy Group A Rally Car and was debuted on the 27th August 1993 at the 1000 Lakes Rally in Finland.
    SubaruLegacyRS-1993-mcrae-newzealand.jpg 92ra.jpg
    Ari Vatanen and Bruno Berglund came 2nd in L555BAT.
    However, Markku Alen and Ilkka Kivvimaki had an unfortunate premature end to their rally, hitting a large rock and crashing out in the first stage in L555STE.
    Untitled.png Untitled.1png.png Untitled.2png.png
    Despite this it was still a great result for Subaru and Prodrive and the Impreza 555 Group A was born :thumb.

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  2. Keith

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    Nice start @Burnsie :thumb looking forward to many more posts in this section :bow
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  3. Burnsie

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    Cheers @Keith there will be many more posts I can assure you. I also welcome any feedback on the content on here and on the website.


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  4. tekkerchrede

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    You can include the URL as a start. ;)

    On the page I would hope for a better quality 555 logo (@type-ra?). Spec-wise I got puzzled about the large front brakes for snow and the rather low torque. Is this before the 34 mm restrictor, so focused more on power output? Units in Nm (torque) and for spring rates would be nice. The pictures regarding the specific areas look nice and appropriate. :thumb
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  5. Burnsie

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    Cheers @tekkerchrede for the constructive feedback. I will get answers to your queries as I am in touch with various original team members to get it factually correct where possible.

    Please appreciate it is very early days and a work in progress but please continue to visit this section of the forum and the website and provide us with feedback :thumb


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