Pink Sti Type R shocks and springs

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  1. 2pot

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    The pink showa sti struts, with pink springs, are totally unsuitable for road use - there are various versions.

    The red struts above are an inverted strut - they were available with 3 spring rates (2 x Subaru, 1 x Prodrive).

    The 30mm, lowered, sti pink spring, is nothing like the rate of the pink springs, that were matched with the pink showa sti struts - you will sit on the internal bump stops in the inverted struts, if you use the sti, lowered, pink springs.
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  2. Christiaan

    Christiaan Type R version 5

    South Africa
    What would you recommend? It's my weekend car
  3. 2pot

    2pot V-Limited Member

    Undulating/uneven roads - P11L springs 194/157lb/in - equivalent to P1 springs, as fitted to the red inverted struts. P11L have a 6mm lower front ride height than the P1, and longer free spring length, to fit inverted and non-inverted struts

    Smoother roads/occasional track days - WR15R/T springs 230/200lb/in - lowered version of the v6sti springs 237/195lb/in, but with longer free lengths.

    STI used to sell the black V5STI springs, but painted pink - you might find a new set - they're standard ride height:
    Front ST2040055000 223lb/in
    Rear ST2230055010 185lb/in

    KYB Excel-g - P11L
    KYB AGX - P11L or WR15
    Koni inserts - P11L or WR15
    Subaru red inverted. P11L or WR15

    The red inverted struts have got rock-hard, internal, front bump stops, as a form of pitch control on smooth roads and too soft, internal, rear bump stops. The P11L/WR15 come with revised bump stops for the chosen struts.
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  4. Burt2000

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    Hi 2pot, you sound like the suspension expert. I fitted a set of eibach pro’s to my Sti red shocks (car is a type ra with Sti shocks) and it hasn’t lowered it any, do you know the reason for this as they are supposed to drop it 30mm? It was a bit of a job to fit them so I’m reluctant to start over again but what springs would work for a subtle drop on the Sti reds. Seems like I’ve wasted my money on them
  5. 2pot

    2pot V-Limited Member

    Make a note of the fuel level, then measure from the wheel centres vertically up to the metal arches - what mm measurements have you got? You might have 6mm side-to-side difference...that's OK.

    The springs are awkward to fit, as they have a longer free length than the original STI springs, that came with the inverted struts.

    If you are lowered on to the 60mm front bump stops, that would hold the front up.

    Not slacking off the roll bars, whilst replacing the suspension, will hold the ride heights up.

    Inverted struts do ride 6mm-ish higher than non-inverted, due to a higher static gas pressure.

    Much higher on one side, than the other, is normally a bent roll bar droplink.

    Torquing the lower strut bolts, without the full weight of the car on its wheels, makes it sit higher.

    The P11L are 335-340mm front, 340-345mm rear. +/- another 4mm at the rear, depending on fuel level.

    Eibach 7705.140 are 25-30mm lower than base-model Impreza springs. I'd expect a P1, with your inverted struts and P1 springs, to be 340-345mm at the front.
    Your old springs may have sagged over the years.
    It normally takes 300miles, for bushes and struts to settle into their new positions, after a spring change.

    Have you got the 3 notches on the rear top perch orientated correctly?
    Have you got the centre hole, of three, pointing outward on the front top perch?
    Got the cone washers above (not under!) the front top spring perch?


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  6. Burt2000

    Burt2000 V-Limited Member

    Wow thanks for the in-depth reply Mark the thing is a friend of mine an MOT inspector fitted them but he wouldn’t be a Subaru man so I’m not sure if he did those checks. It’s also making a slight clunking/clanging noise form the front now over ramps that wasnt there before.he said he had to remove the rear seats and parcel shelf to get at the rear struts so the whole job was time consuming and I’m reluctant to bring it back to him again to remove them and check but he is a very competent mechanic
  7. 2pot

    2pot V-Limited Member

    Start with the ride heights - what have you got?
  8. Burt2000

    Burt2000 V-Limited Member

    Sorry for the delay buddy kids and wife had a stomach bug last few days so been busy lol.

    I measured the ride heights there with a 1/4 tank of fuel.
    Front 345/346mm on drivers side front and 349/350mm on the passenger side.
    Rear 355mm both sides
  9. 2pot

    2pot V-Limited Member

    You could go 10-15mm lower at the front. With a change of bump stops and maybe a roll centre kit. But, even now, you're riding on the oem front bump stops.
    Rear ride heights - some like the oem positive rake (visually higher at the front, if measuring off the arches). Some like increased positive rake, like you have now - even or slightly more rear height.
  10. Burt2000

    Burt2000 V-Limited Member

    Yeah at the minute it’s slightly nose down which I prefer. I’ve heard of people cutting an inch off the bump stops when fitting lowering springs on Subaru’s, would that drop it a little front and rear if I did that?

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