MY99 Impreza Turbo Restoration [Picture heavy]

Discussion in 'Impreza Restorations' started by JordiSub, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. JordiSub

    JordiSub Type RA Member

    I'm currenlty in the process of breaking the car for parts. I started last sunday 13-08-2017. (exactly 1 month after the crash)

    A lot of parts are already sold and will be picked up this weekend.

    Most suspension parts are sold already as well as the bumpers and boot. Not many interest in the interior panels yet.
    Engine and gearbox are still available although there might be someone interested in both of them.

    It's crazy how quick some parts sell...


    It's heartbreaking :cry:

    Monday 14-08-2017 I picked up my daily driver, a 2009 Toyota Aygo, perfect for economy and the daily commute to work. Not sure what toy I will buy next. It will probably take between 6 to 12 months to decide. Currently very interested in an Alien Green Clio RS 3 but due to the rare color they do not come up for sale often. Might even keep the Aygo and buy a toy just for the weekends or race / road trips. Not sure yet, all I know is that I need something else that can replace the spot of the Impreza even though that will be very hard.

    This might be one of the last times I will update this thread. :(
  2. tekkerchrede

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    You can just do a new thread, when you find something. There must be loads of affordable cars out there. :)
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  3. JordiSub

    JordiSub Type RA Member

    Ok! There will be a new toy, but it will take a while so I will probably not show up here anytime soon to show it :D
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  4. type-ra

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    West Yorkshire
    Don't tease;)
    We need to see it:thumb
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  5. JordiSub

    JordiSub Type RA Member

    My new car is here!

    Picked it up 10-12-2017 in one of the heaviest snowfall we had in years. :giggle:

    2010 Clio 3 RS 200 - Glacier White


    A 2 hour trip back to home took us about 4 hours but we got there safely :whew:

    The next day I had to take it to work, weather conditions were still bad and very slippery. All gone well thankfully. :whew:

    The car has a full service history which is great. The only issue it had was warped brake rotors in the front.
    The car is completely stock minus tinted tail lights which I do not like.

    As soon as the weekend came I knew what I had to do. Full wash and detail :blush:


    White again, tint removed from tail lights. Much better.

    The car got washed, claybarred, removed grime from behind windowrubbers, badges and gaps.
    Cleaned the inside and cleaned the glass.

    Wanted to polish but after doing the roof with Meguirs 205 I noticed I needed more time and start with 105 heavier cut compound. Lots of wash scratches :oops: Will polish the car properly in February / March.

    Sealed the paint and windows with Soft99 Fusso coat! Great wax but hard to wipe off!

    Replaced the front discs with Brembo High carbon discs last weekend 24-12-2017 and painted the Brembo's red while I was there!






    So far loving the car, not comparable to the Subaru but very satisfying to drive, even stock.
    Will be changing lots of stuff on this car. Not as crazy as on the Subaru though (might come back on this lol :giggle:)

    Already got quite a few things I want to change in the first few months of 2018:

    • Black Renault badges front and rear (already done)
    • Black door handles and front part of the sidestrip
    • Refurb the wheels and paint them gloss black
    • Change headunit to the one I had in the Subaru Pioneer MHV-X580DAB
    • Fit a pair of bucketseats (the ones I had in the Subaru)
    • Scorpion non resonated cat back exhaust
    • K-Tec Racing intake
    • H&R 30/40mm lowering springs
    • Retrim headliner in black suede (like I had in the Subaru) and paint the A and C pillar black to match.

    At some point I want to have the steering wheel retrimmed in Alcantara as the leather has gone bad. Will have to shiftknob and shiftboot done in Alcantara too.

    Very happy to have a fun car again :rofl: But I still miss the Subaru. I will never forget that car :cry:

    If you want to keep up to date with my car you can follow me on Instragram: @spookpictures

    Me and my brothers want to do some roadtrips / trackdays next year. Can't wait to take the car out. We want to visit the Stelvio Pass and The Nurburgring for sure. Might visit Spa Francorchamps on the way back :nod:

    I want to wish everyone the best for 2018! :party:

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  6. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    Lovely car @JordiSub :bow
    Looking forward to see the progress as ever :thumb
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  7. hct

    hct V-Limited Member

    Not an RA but at least she is white :giggle::giggle::giggle:
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  8. JordiSub

    JordiSub Type RA Member

    It's been a long time and about 6500miles / 10.000km since I updated this!

    Still loving the little Clio every day :)

    Since last update I have done quite a lot of modifications to the car which I think improve the car:
    H&R Lowering springs 30/40mm drop
    19mm Bimecc spacers front and rear
    QSP Bucket seats that I kept from the Subaru :mm:
    OMP low seat brackets
    Scorpion Non resonated cat back exhaust
    K-Tec foam intake kit
    Powerflex Black engine/gearbox mount inserts
    Retrimmed steering wheel, gaiter and shiftknob in black alcantara
    Aero catches
    Red Sabelt 6 point harness for driver, still looking for a genuine one for the passenger seat
    Toyosports Stainless manifold (pre cat delete)
    PBS race front brake pads
    HEL brake lines
    Brembo HC discs
    Stud conversion kit

    Some visual modifications:
    Black Renault badges
    Black handles and door bullets
    Black wheels with red flake
    Black suede headliner and A and C pillars
    Clio Cup Spoiler
    Dashboard strips and center console colour scheme
    Black sunstrip with Renault Sport lettering
    Rear wiper delete
    Extended DIY boot mat

    That's all I think :blush:

    Now time for some pictures:

    Lowered and 19mm spacers fitted


    Aerocatches fitted:

    Suede headliner and a + c pillars:

    Retrimmed steering wheel, gaiter and shiftknob and RenaultSport center insert:

    QSP Seats on OMP frames:

    Then I did a track session at Circuit Zolder (Belgium) in snowy weather! Brrrrr


    Big sunstrip with red pinstripe added, which can be seen through from the inside :cool:

    Added RenaultSport lettering to the sunstrip:



    Did a track evening at Circuit Zandvoort with my brothers:

    The car performed great and without any faults!
    It was a very hot day and the tyres were having a hard time as they are Rainsport 3's :giggle:

    Some recent pictures I took:




    Next few thing I want to do to the car is:
    Wheel alignment
    Refurb Cup Racer wheels and fit Yokohama AD08R tyres in 225/45/17
    Second set of Sabelt harness for the passenger side
    Replace rear brake pads
    Want to fit a Safety Devices 6pt roll cage for safety on track
    Book more tracktime and enjoy driving it!
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  9. JordiSub

    JordiSub Type RA Member

    Almost a year after the crash, I'm left with just a handfull of Subaru parts which is the stock cluster, steering wheel column cover, LHD brake stopper, complete front clip which is stored dry and a big box with bolts, nuts and various clips.
    The black OZ wheels I had on a the car are now also finally sold and will be picked up soon.

    Still thinking back sometimes :oops:
  10. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire

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