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Discussion in 'Worldwide Impreza owners' started by type-ra, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Xah88

    Xah88 Type RA Member

    Frankfurt am Main
    Just wanted to introduce myself:

    - Alex, 29 years old from Germany with a MY02 Type RA Spec C


    I hope to learn alot from reading in this forum and am looking forward to interestig threads/topics.

    Wish you all a good day and drive safe,

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  2. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    Welcome Alex @Xah88 :thumb
    A pair of fantastic cars you have there:bow
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  3. Xah88

    Xah88 Type RA Member

    Frankfurt am Main
    Thank you, Mate @type-ra :):thumb

    (The Datsun 240Z is my brothers; I "only" own the Spec C RA)

    Wish you all a nice day,
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  4. katetomi

    katetomi Type RA Member

    Hi! can you help me?
    Soon my dear friend has his Birthday (on 27th of October), he is a big fan of this amazing Subaru cars and I’m kindly asking for your help - to make a memorable congratulation to him.
    It would be so kind from your side, I mean the owners of Subaru Impreza wrx sti gc8 type ra limited edition cars or other fans of Subaru, to shoot an outstanding video being behind your cars.

    About the car and owner:
    subaru impreza wrx sti gc8 type ra limited edition 1188/2000 GDB SPEC C INSIDE

    Owner: Evgeny, living in Russia, Ekaterinburg

    This car is a recycling car, it has to be disassembled on the spare part, but Evgeny has given her the second life, having put in her the heart and soul, time and of course, money.

    I would be very grateful if you wish my friend ‘Happy Birthday’ and show the car having told about you (Where are you from/Name/Age/and so on) and about the car.

    Please, send your videos on my email address: or you can contact me on Facebook:

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  5. MrG

    MrG Type RA Member

    South Africa
    Wow :) Cool color and car! Quite rare.
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  6. Anze

    Anze Type RA Member

    Hello, from Slovenija!

    I am Anže, 27 years old, mechanical engineer I own 95 type RA Sti V1. I believe its the only one RA in my country.
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  7. Mantis

    Mantis Type RA Member

    Another couple of pics I took on a recent outing..

    Pictures haven't been edited at all, the red is just so bright in natural light.



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