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    I’ve decided there is far too much work involved in restoring this...and cost! Had a few people look and advise on what it would cost to restore and it just isn’t worth it. The car just needs too much doing to it.

    So...everything is available in parts now. Lots of original items and lots of great aftermarket parts on it too.

    Give me a shout if there is something you need that isn’t listed and I’ll let you know price.

    Original items:

    DCCD Original 5 Speed Box with Rear Diff. Receipt to show rebuild only a couple of years ago and less than 200 miles since - £1000.00 SOLD

    Original Colin McRae and Derek Ringer interior with signatures. Signatures as usual have faded but other than that they are not far off mint condition! Will come with rear back and base seat too, again in near mint condition. Hard to price this as obviously extremely rare now especially in this condition. £750.00 (May look at putting this on eBay to be honest and letting go to the highest bidder as I’m really not sure what to price it at) If interested give me a PM and I’m sure we can work something out. SOLD

    Original 7K ECU. Bought this from Japan after buying the car as it had an aftermarket Autronics SM4 ECU (For sale below). Obviously not really needed now so can be sold - £250.00

    Roof Flap with all of the interior surround and fixings etc included - £350.00 SOLD

    TD05H Turbo - Has Graham Goode Racing tag on it so not sure if much newer replacement? - £100.00 SOLD

    STi Carbon Strut Brace - £80.00 SOLD

    Anything else that you need let me know and I can price individually as would take hours to price every item lol

    Aftermarket Parts:

    Veilside 1 peice exhaust. Full titanium and apparently 1 of only 3 demo units sent to the U.K. from Japan. Extremely lightweight and sounds amazing! 4 1/2 Exit, 3.5 “ all the way through and 3” where it joins downpipe - £400.00 SOLD

    Decat Downpipe - Unknown brand but VERY good quality! 3” exit. Support bracket which fixes to Gearbox - £100

    Autronics SM4 ECU. Appparently a VERY capable ECU with anti lag etc. Not many around now but plenty of mappers I’ve heard who can work with these and get exceptional results - £400

    4 Pot Calipers. Great condition, not like the usual ones for sale which look like they have been taken from the bottom of a river! Full working order with pistons all free - £150.00 SOLD

    Unequal Length Headers - Unknown Brand Buy have a receipt for £475.00 new. Fully heat wrapped. Going to GUESS at RCM or Lateral performance based on invoice price but could be wrong. £225.00 SOLD

    2.5 litre fully forged engine which has some approx 500 running in miles. Block bought brand new and forged rods and pistons added. Receipts for the full build and includes the RA’s original heads. Potentially could be sold seperate but not sure if some work may have been done to heads to suit 2.5 engine. Upgraded head studs, gaskets, bearings etc etc. Receipt for over £12k for engine build which included some of the above parts such as headers, ECU, clutch etc. Looking for around £2500.00 for the full engine.

    Double plated clutch. Again, barely used with approx 500 miles of use on an engine being ran in. Bought for £1,250 with receipt to prove. £500.00

    Also have a brand new in box Walbro Fuel Pump - £60.00

    Front mount intercooler which looks like it has taken a bit of a knock on the underside, includes all pipework with Samco hoses - £75.00

    Will keep adding to this list as I have more bits ready. Pictures will be uploaded as well as and when available.

    Anything else you need, please ask!
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  4. Kev_STI

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    Hi Richard, do you have the standard IC water spray bottle available?
  5. Lt_Pliskin

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    Unfortunately not, it had already been removed when I got the car due to the front mount being fitted I think?
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  6. MattyB1983

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    Wind up windows ??? How much for the door cards chap ?
  7. Lt_Pliskin

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    Yes windey windows :) Doorcards can go for say £20 each?
  8. benji

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    Any pics of the system ?
  9. Lt_Pliskin

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    Exhaust system?
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  10. MattyB1983

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    Lovely.. I'll take all four please chap. I'll PM you buddy.

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