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Discussion in 'New member welcomes' started by wona scoob, May 26, 2008.

  1. wona scoob

    wona scoob Type RA Member

    hi there guys/girls just joined the forum im curently looking to buy a subaru RA or type R if I could afford one seen a few on web sites then i read the bit about is it a RA and got all confuesed so think the best thing for me to do is find the one I like then post pics /link on hear and let yous guys say it is or isent one and save me buying a lemmon

    previous cars I have had loads of sheds a T5 volvo and a R33 skyline but always liked the RA and then the type R so time to get my finger out and get one

  2. scoobaru

    scoobaru Type RA Member

    You'll get good advice on here mate.

    No frills with the RA but loaaadsss of fun :D:D

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