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Discussion in 'General Impreza WRX chat' started by Chiefinspector, Apr 23, 2015.

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    That would be interesting to see @DRRally I know of 1 RA which was in the 2000 range. The WRX I had was 24xx
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    My type R is just a SUBARU - no mention of Impreza.

    My RA (99) is an Impreza GL 4WD...........and looking HERE that would suggest it is 1 of 5 from 1999!

    Interestingly I see they have engine size and fuel on there. My RA was originally down as having a 20 litre engine. I got them to change it a few years ago. Had that stayed as was...would have been easy to spot!

    Rgds, Ade
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    I can't recall what mine is, but I know it's gotta be older than me :p

    All I know is mine is the first ever diesel convertible 2.5 Impreza :)
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    I'd say you are on the money here @Chiefinspector :thumb

    From the research we've done on here, the month & year of manufacture are easily established by the car's VIN. The model isn't.

    That said, two of my V5s above just have the car down as a "Subaru" so they will be missing from the list I guess.

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    So look at this...it's all correct for insurance etc but the is what was in my V5!

    Also to add to the list I've just read I have the heaviest RA ever :p

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    That's a VVVV-Limited if ever I saw one:D
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    Thread resurrection time!

    Thought I'd update this with the latest 2017 data.

    The following graph includes all GC8 models... from 22B all the way down to the obscure ones like 'Impreza GL Auto Estate' (which I'm sure some imported JDM models will have been incorrectly registered as!)

    Interesting to note how the rate of decline has levelled off the last year or so... more people restoring / less willing to scrap?

    Currently around 10,000 GC8's left in the UK according to the data (this includes both taxed and SORN). The numbers peaked at c.27,500 in 2001.


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    Still losing 1000 per year for the last 5 years...
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    never totally convinced on these numbers that are bandied around..........if they are mis-registered or whatever they are never going to appear
  10. Chiefinspector

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    That’s why I haven’t broken it down into individual models; I know that for JDM imports, these were quite often registered as an Impreza GL or something similar.

    The above graph includes every GC8 model, even things like non turbo auto estates / Impreza GL’s.

    My thinking is that this will limit any anomalies due to mis-registration - although obviously if any cars were registered as someone totally different (eg not a Subaru Impreza) then they won’t be included in the above.

    Apparently the data from the how many left website draws straight from the DVLA.

    I’m sure there are lots of inaccuracies still, but I think it’s interesting to see the overall trends
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