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Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza Spec-C help & advice' started by rockabilly, May 11, 2018.

  1. D413F

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    North East
    Didn't really cause a flat spot, the car kept pulling ok upto redline but after 5500rpm it pulsed on/off.

    32008AA091 is the part number for the sensor I bought. £35 from ebay free p+p.

    http://www.fbtuning.co.uk/phantom-misfire-fault-codes/ if you follow this link and scroll down, there is a data log graph of the nps doing exactly what mine did.

    I would recommend removing the pitch mount under the intercooler to change the sensor as its right on top of the box, still not easy to get to. Took me 1 1/2 hours still!
  2. rockabilly

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    Not to clued up on the nps operation on the 6 speed.at blyton if did it on the turn called lancaster.long left hander.at the ring just after the climb from adanau bridge which is a right hander uphill. Will try and remove nps and replace if worn first
  3. rockabilly

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    D413f.mine hit the wall full cut out.done it 4 times now.
  4. Ossett2k2

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    You can buy a cheap vagcom cable and use romraider to datalog,great tool to have for diagnostics.
    Fuel cut would usually indicate overboost but you say your boost has dropped?
    Could be your map sensor reading wrong,and detecting overboost?
    Have you checked all the pipework for splits etc?
    Still could just a map tweak is needed,did you get in touch with the tuner?
  5. 53R

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    You can see the NPS voltage I believe on open source etc mapping software so I would agree with getting it one the laptop :) Mine would do it on boost all of a sudden it thought it was out of gear and wham fuel cut.
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  6. rockabilly

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    Ta guys.andy carrs come back to me.hes having a look next mon.will let you all know how we get on.
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  7. rockabilly

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    So andy tweeked the map a litle for afrs and smoothed out light throttle.csr drives nice now.no codes stored and still the only thing we can think is it was to low on fuel in track.causing the cut
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    have fun getting hold of him hahahahaha
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    I had fuel cut, my car was over boosting in 5th and 6th which was causing it. My mapper fitted a later Map sensor and tweaked the map, the car is perfect now even though im running a bit more boost than before.
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