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  1. MattyB1983

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    I'm confused....
    So the previous owner had it mapped on the road and told you it made 310bhp, you then had it on a dyno and it made 280bhp ?
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    Ive got the graph from Andy Forrest laptop with the figures now but im pretty sure some mappers will map on a dyno then tweak on the road ive got 2 set of readings all i want to know is why is the dyno not the same is it that they cant simulate real time road driving and not getting enough cold air in while on the rollers and dont get proper load on the car all these can be taken into the factor that you wont get a proper reading on the dyno i would think but im no expert just curious .
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    sounds like they did a "road dyno" which is a guesstimate of the power made based on a calculation the computer makes using weight, gear ratios, etc..........common feature in Ecutek software

    a comparable car i know of is approx 360bhp - 400ft/lbs based on a dyno we know is generally conservative

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