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Discussion in 'Impreza Buyers Guide' started by Captainfunbags, Nov 21, 2017.

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    I've had a Forester STi as a daily. As noted fundamentally the same as a similar spec Impreza.

    Apart from a slightly higher driving position, there's little more to add, other than the key thing for me which was the fact that the STI spec really took the car away from the thing it does well. As with all JDM's the suspension seemed a bit too firm and had a ride quality I would describe as 'jiggly'. In the end it cracked me a bit as a family daily driver. It should have been fantastic but wasn't. I changed all manner of things like dampers and springs but never quite got it to the ride quality of my wife's Type UK PPP Impreza STI blob. I'm sure the larger 18" wheels on the Forester had plenty to do with it too.

    After 3 years in a Co car, (XJ Sportbrake) I'm now on the look out for an XT (2.0) and looking forward to it. Heated leather seats, supple suspension, yes please!
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    I may well have a serious look in the new year for a Forester STi. They're not the prettiest of cars but I may well be doing more rally marshalling soon and they are much more practical than an Impreza.
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    If it's off road stuff tho mate, you'll be better off in an XT with 15/16"s and M&S tyre choices, along with better ground clearance than an STI.
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