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Discussion in 'The Snug' started by banhama, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. banhama

    banhama V-Limited Member

    Ashford, Kent
    Although I've thoroughly enjoyed the journey I'm afraid my 12 year Subaru adventure is coming to an end.:cry:

    My wife started the story in 2003, I bought an RX-7 and in response she bought a V-limited from the same importer.
    When the RX-7's engine died for the second time in three years I went back and traded it for the 2003 Spec-C Limited in 2006. She responded by getting an S202, again from the same importer!
    Fuel costs and business changes meant she gave hers up in 2009, and I kept the Spec-C for track use.
    For the past nine years I've been a keen member of this forum, categorically the best Impreza Forum...in The Wooorld.

    The car morphed itself from track car into fully fledged race monster, and I just held on for the ride of my life!
    With an overall championship, a class championship, and a few outright race wins we've had a great time, but I think you've got to know when it's time to call it a day.
    We were at the peak of our performance on Easter Monday, first ever pole position in BARC modified saloons, the winter upgrades were definitely working.

    The big crash hasn't really damaged the car too badly, on further inspection it doesn't necessarily need a new shell, and the power unit is in perfect working order.
    However I really don't have the money to spend fixing it, which will only allow me to spend more money racing it again!
    Also it's unfair to keep dragging my son Rob along to help me race in a car that he will never be able to start racing in. Recent MSA regulations mean you need a class A licence to race a car with the Spec=C's power to weight ratio, currently close to 400 bhp/tonne. You have to start with a class B licence.

    So the car will be sold along with spare engines, turbos, wheel sets, slicks, umpteen other spare parts, and my dreams of being Modified Saloons Class A Champion!

    However I do foresee a little racy hatchback in our future, maybe a knackered Clio 182 Cup that just needs a little encouragement to drag itself into the BARC Tin Tops Championship:)

    Anyway it's been an absolute privilege owning the best 'out of the box' road and track car ever made (probably).
    Hopefully I'll still be welcome here even without a Subaru!
    Cheers Andy:thumb
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  2. asperformance

    asperformance Site Supporter

    oop north
    Sorry to hear that but dont be a stranger and remember that we don't just cater for Subaru's but can happily sort many race / track / upgrade parts as required
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  3. hct

    hct V-Limited Member

    at least you use it the way you wanted it :cool:

    sorry to hear this is the way she is going to end

    it put a smile on my face she had done more than 200.000 mls .:clap:
    and that you wrote "Having collected my cup I jumped into the car and drove home!"
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  4. edsel

    edsel V-Limited Member

    Andy I've been where you are now many years ago racing sidecars. Gave it everything I had and some. Despite being bloody good at it I had to call it a day while I was at my peak, although it was soul destroying at the time I look back now and have nothing but good memories, this post has reminded me about all the sacrifices (personal and financial) that I made and how all consuming I allowed my little hobby to become all for a dozen plastic trophies.
    Been there done that got the T shirt time to move on. Ticked the box, No regrets. I'm sure you'll feel the same in time.


    If you're having a fire sale I'm looking for some cheap thrashed 17" wheels
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  5. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
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  6. biscuittin

    biscuittin V-Limited Member

    sorry to hear of your loss of a loved one andy , I can honestly say it was a pleasure to have met you a few times over the years
    you cant go wrong with a clio , fun little car .
    hope you will keep us up todate with its progress
    all the best rgds paul
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  7. banhama

    banhama V-Limited Member

    Ashford, Kent
    Many thanks chaps, I was more than a little sad yesterday, particularly as it would have been the second race meeting of the season
    The Spec C went on Saturday.......but to a good home, Team Legacy, who will need no introduction to many of you.
    I hope it will be reborn in some form and compete again in Modified or Thunder Saloons

    Good news is we already have acquired a Clio 182 and will be taking it as standard to Lydden Hill for a track day next Saturday!
    Then let the mods begin.....I have already started a wish list @asperformance :)
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  8. asperformance

    asperformance Site Supporter

    oop north
    carry various bits for those............
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