Does anybody know where I can buy a new...

Discussion in 'Facebook questions' started by Richard Morgan, May 19, 2017.

  1. Does anybody know where I can buy a new steering rack for my v4 type r?
  2. Not new but Tom @ Sprinting Hare gets refurbed units. Or you could speak to Import Car Parts to see if they can help. Maybe Alyn @ AS Performance could help
  3. Import car parts possibly
  4. Luke at ICP or Alyn as above. Remember the Type Rs have the same rack as the regular WRX/STis
  5. Sprinting hare list them on the web site so I'll give them a ring thanks.
  6. I bought a 13.1 rack from Tom or I could sell you my old v3 sti rack
  7. Cheers for the recommendations guys. We have fresh from Japan used 13:1 GC8 quick racks available

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