1997 STi Type RA Version 4 Restoration

Discussion in 'Impreza Restorations' started by Chiefinspector, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Chiefinspector

    Chiefinspector V-Limited Member

    Took the car out of its winter hibernation and into the wild for the first time in 2018 :eek:

    Down to Carnetix in Melton Mowbray for the annual general fettle, MOT, service etc.

    Car is now wearing 17” Speedline ST2 wheels, I’ve managed to fit them over the Brembo brakes using spacers. I think I’ve settled on these as ‘the wheels’ now. Just look right IMHO.

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  2. Chiefinspector

    Chiefinspector V-Limited Member

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  3. Kev_STI

    Kev_STI V-Limited Member

    Soon be time to put it away again! :D

    Stunning car, love it & unbelievably clean :thumb
  4. theboywhippo

    theboywhippo Type RA Member

    @Chiefinspector I think I've seen your car at Carnetix when I've been down there on more than one occasion. Looks lovely :thumb

    Has Carl moved on?
  5. Chiefinspector

    Chiefinspector V-Limited Member

    @theboywhippo Thanks, yes it spent a fair bit of time there early last year when I had the engine rebuilt.

    Carl was still there a couple of months ago, as he fitted some goodies to my Leon Cupra dog wagon. He wasn't there yesterday though... I'll find out!
  6. Chiefinspector

    Chiefinspector V-Limited Member


    Very true... going to try and drive it a bit more this year though (but not ....in the rain / when it's cloudy / when it's windy / when it's too sunny/ if it's too hot / if it's too cold / on any day of the week ending in 'day' etc... :giggle:)
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  7. theboywhippo

    theboywhippo Type RA Member

    Yeah my missus said she saw something on Facebook about Carl leaving. I haven't been over there for a few months, in fact the last time I saw Glen he said they were moving into a unit across the road. Don't know if that's happened yet either though! Must pop round for a catch-up.
  8. Chiefinspector

    Chiefinspector V-Limited Member

    Purchased a full genuine P1 damper and P1 spring kit recently.

    These seem to be the ‘ones to have’ in terms of compliance on UK roads.

    These have had very little use, and have recently been refurbished.

    Also purchased the Whiteline adjustable top mounts for the front. Just need to source some STi Group N rear top mounts, then these will be fitted along with a full geometry session.

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