1995 Impreza STI Type RA Race/Track Car

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  1. ayebalpaul

    ayebalpaul Type RA Member

    Hi all,

    It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to break my race car I have owned and built over the past 3 years.

    The car is a 1995 imported Impreza Type RA in white. I have had the car for over 3 years and it has ran in SLS over the past 2 years which has been great fun. First year I finished 5th in class D and this year had a few troubles with clutches and gearboxes (all fixed now, new paddle clutch and newer gearbox) but achieved a 3rd on 2 occasions after moving up to class C. This was done with a little extra horse power (266 whp at last dyno) and less weight. My best time was 57.5, a quick time when considering I was on old worn tyres and a delaminated NSF brake pad!! The car weighted in at 1,125 kg at the last round (without me) but has more that could be saved if you take a grinder to the car!! Full spec is below.

    Parts update on last page

    I'm sure I've probably missed something but that should cover the key stuff. Give me a shout if you need anything else, please note not much left from interior at all!

    Pics below;


    DSC01257.JPG DSC01248.JPG DSC01250.JPG DSC01252.JPG DSC01255.JPG DSC01259.JPG DSC01261.JPG DSC01263.JPG awww.scottishscoobies.net_images_smilies_RpS_biggrin.gif
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  2. ayebalpaul

    ayebalpaul Type RA Member

    bumpty bump bump.

    If no takers for the car as a whole, which would be a shame, I will break the car.
  3. ben pinnington

    ben pinnington 53cSTI

    If you brake, and am I right in saying the v2 ra sti blocks are closed deck? I may be interested in the engine
  4. stira2

    stira2 V2 STI RA V-limited, V3 STI RA

    North Wales
    I' be interested in the injectors...
  5. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    Yes, if it’s the std engine it’s closed deck
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  6. ayebalpaul

    ayebalpaul Type RA Member

    Hi, it has had a transplant at some point (i think) so not 100% sure on bottom end structure.

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  7. ayebalpaul

    ayebalpaul Type RA Member

    Hi folks,
    Will definitely be breaking after Christmas. Will get prices up then, if anything needed in the meantime please message with offers.

  8. alan burnett

    alan burnett V-Limited Member

    macduff scotland
    Hi if you do brake would be interested in the whiteline parts
  9. ayebalpaul

    ayebalpaul Type RA Member

    Update for parts and prices, probably missed a lot of stuff so let me know what you need.
  10. MattyB1983

    MattyB1983 V2 STI RA Vlimited.

    I'd take the metal STI pedals for £30 chap

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