1994 intercooler

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  1. gc8b47d

    gc8b47d TheDocta

    I'm selling my standard top mount intercooler off my v2 ra . £40
    Thanks Mike Kent

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  2. 53R

    53R www.53Racing.uk

  3. MattyB1983

    MattyB1983 V2 STI RA Vlimited.

    I'll let you take this one for your collection Stu :)
  4. 53R

    53R www.53Racing.uk

    Haha I have loads I don't need any more :) it has what you needed though.
  5. MattyB1983

    MattyB1983 V2 STI RA Vlimited.

    It does, but not I fancy being £40 into it. Plus I've made that part now out of some aluminium :rock:

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