SUBARU 証券アナリストによるディスクロージャー優良企業(平成29年度)に選定

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    Latest press release from Subaru
    SUBARU 証券アナリストによるディスクロージャー優良企業(平成29年度)に選定

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    SUBARU Selected as an Excellent Corporate Disclosure Company (FY2004) by Securities Analyst
    ~ Won first prize in fourth consecutive fourth ~
    SUBARU was selected as the number one in the automotive, parts and tire division in the "Securities Analyst's Excellent Corporate Disclosure Selection" (FY2004) by the Japan Securities Analysts Association. Our awards will be the fourth consecutive fourth time.

    This selection is held annually from FY1995 with the aim of improving company information disclosure, and it is the award system that is celebrating the 23rd this time. The securities analysts in each industry are responsible for "IR attitude of the management team, functions of IR department, basic stance of IR", "disclosure in briefing sessions, interviews, explanation materials, etc.", "Fair Disclosure", "Corporate Governance Disclosure of related information "," Voluntary disclosure of information according to circumstances of each industry type ", and selects outstanding enterprises.

    The Company received high praise from among the 19 companies covered by the automobile, parts and tires division, ranked first in four of the five evaluation criteria.

    SUBARU sets the management philosophy of "aiming for a presence and attractive enterprise" based on "customer first" as its core. While fulfilling our responsibilities as a company that develops business worldwide, by offering wide and fairly high-quality corporate information even in IR activities, we deepen our understanding of our company to our shareholders and investors We will promote activities to make it possible.

    Public interest corporation Japan Securities Analyst Association "Selecting Excellent Corporate Disclosure by Securities Analyst"

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