SUBARU 「アイサイト」を大幅進化、新機能「ツーリングアシスト」を搭載

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    Latest press release from Subaru
    SUBARU 「アイサイト」を大幅進化、新機能「ツーリングアシスト」を搭載

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    SUBARU "Eye site" has evolved greatly, a new function "Touring Assist" is installed
    ~ Adopt latest advanced safety technology, reduce operation load in all vehicle speed range including traffic jam -
    ● The new function "Tooling Assist" supports safe driving by automatically controlling accelerator, brake and steering in all vehicle speed regions including highway congestion, greatly reducing the driver's driving load * 1
    ● Unique stereo camera technology realizes stable driving support in a wide range of real world scene
    ● All models of "TOOLING ASSIST" are equipped as standard on the new "Levog" and "WRX S4" scheduled to be released this summer
    ● In the new "Levog" and "WRX S4", also adopt "backward automatic brake system" and "I site Safety Plus" to further improve SUBARU original preventive safety performance centered on "eye site"
    SUBARU will greatly evolve the driving support system "eye site".
    As a new function, we will install "Tooling Assist" which automatically reduces the operation load by automatically controlling accelerator, brake and steering operations in all vehicle speed regions including highway congestion.
    This greatly evolved "eye site" will be equipped as standard on all new models "Levog" and "WRX S4" scheduled to be released this summer.

    "I site" is SUBARU original system which SUBARU announced in 2008 * 2 , supporting forward driving situation recognition with stereo camera and advanced control with safe driving.
    Stereo cameras always monitor the front of the vehicle and can measure distance as human eyes. In addition to being able to identify cars, pedestrians, lane marks, etc., it boasts high recognition performance such as wide viewing angle, visible distance, recognition of brake lamps by color images. Based on the information obtained from "eyes" and the driving situation, the software corresponding to "brain" judges the necessary control and appropriately controls each unit of the car as "limb" according to the situation . In addition, based on the potential of the stereo camera, various sensors are combined, and more advanced driving support is realized in every scene.

    The new function "Touring Assist" will expand the operation area of "Maintain lane center" of "Eye site" from the conventional "60 km / h or more" to "0 km / h or more", and also set the "preceding vehicle following steering" Additionally, by combining with "Cruise control with all vehicle speed range following function", we will assist the driver by automatically controlling accelerator, brake and steering operation on expressway.
    By combining SUBARU's own stereo camera's lane marking and preceding car's two recognition information, stable operation is realized in a wide range of real world scenes. The operation load is greatly reduced.

    In addition, the new "Levog" and "WRX S4" set the "first time domestic specification of SUBARU" adoption of "Automatic braking system when retracting" and expanded the recognition range of the driver and set "I Site Safety Plus" By doing so, I finished it to a product that further refined the overall safety performance.

    On the SUBARU official website, we will release movie content of iSite , which has evolved greatly today from a dedicated site ( ).
    * 1: "Touring Assist" is a system that you use on expressway (car exclusive road).
    * 2: Legacy B 4 / Legacy Touring Wagon / Legacy Outback set. (Announced on May 8, 2008)
    * 3: Manufacturer installation option

    [Main functions of 'Eye site' * 4 ]

    · Pre-crash brake

    If the system decides that there is a danger of collision, call attention to the driver. If there is no evasive maneuver, brake control will be performed and the speed will be decelerated or stopped automatically. Collision avoidance or damage will be alleviated if the speed difference from the forward vehicle is less than about 50 km / h * 5 .

    · Cruise control with all vehicle speed following function

    Following the preceding car in a wide vehicle speed range of 0 km / h to 120 km / h on highway and car exclusive road. From the high-speed cruise to the congestion when the Noronoro operation continues, it reduces the trouble of accelerator and brake operation and provides a comfortable and safe long drive.

    · Automatic brake system on reverse (SUBARU domestic specification first)

    When retracting, the sonar sensor built in the rear of the body detects obstacles. If there is a possibility of a collision, alert sounds and warning indications will gradually raise attention. If there is no avoidance operation, apply brakes automatically to avoid collision avoidance or damage.

    · AT erroneous departure & erroneous reverse suppression control

    Suppressing a sudden jumping-out due to erroneous operation of the shift lever or pedal, such as when leaving the parking space. We are also addressing not only "departure" but also "reverse".

    · Alarm & notification function

    When detecting wobble (high speed running, about 60 km / h or more) and lane departure (about 40 km / h or more), warn the driver with an alarm sound and warning display. Also, if you are not aware of the start of the preceding car and remain in the stopped state, we will inform you by voice information (announcement) and indication.

    · Suppression of lane departure

    Recognizing lane markings on both sides of the driving lane with a stereo camera. When traveling on a car exclusive road etc. at about 60 km / h or more, assisting the steering operation is suppressed when it is likely to protrude from the lane, and departure from the lane is suppressed. Assist safe driving.

    · Touring Assist (SUBARU Initial)

    By combining "Cruise control with tracking function for all vehicle speeds" and "Maintain lane center", we will automatically control accelerator, brake, steering operation in wide vehicle speed range from 0 km / h to about 120 km / h. By combining SUBARU's own stereo camera's lane marking and preceding car's two recognition information, stable operation is realized in a wide range of real world scenes. Moreover, by operating not only in the conventional high speed range but also in the extremely low speed range, the operation load has been greatly reduced.

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